Queen Fashion Shop Spree 4

Order Dateline: 1st & 15th on every month 


Me: 2 items

Tokyo Fashion Spree 1

Order Dateline:  When reach minimum cap-15


Me- 5 items

Terms And Conditions:

  • Please join only when you are comfortable with the T&Cs and charges.
  • Items will take about 1~2 months to arrive. Do not place orders if you can't wait.
  • No payment = no orders.
  • Any orders receive after the spree is closed will be ignored.
  • I have the right to ignore any orders I feel uncomfortable dealing with, without giving any reasons.
  • I will not be responsible for any lost mail and any defects in the items.
  • I will not be responsible if the sellers make a mistake in the colours.
  • Do note that some items will have a difference in colours due to different computers' resloutions.
  • Restocking only starts when the seller receives the payment.
  • Calculations can be found in the posts 
  • There will be speedpost charges for some sprees. Do take note on the 2nd payment.
  • I have the right to extend or cancel the spree if the response is poor.
  • Full refund will be made if you have any OOS item(s).
  • If the spree is cancelled, full refund will be made.
  • Mass meet up only at west and town areas at my convenience.
  • If you can't make it for the mass meet up, please opt for postage.
  • Registered mail is encouraged to prevent lost of items.
  • Items will be confiscated if there is no reply from buyers after 4 weeks or buyers who did not collect their items within 4 weeks (starting from the date the items arrived).
  • No refund will be made once items have been confiscated.
  • Email to casey_dream, if you have any enquires.
  • By placing orders mean that you have agreed to all the T&C.
  • All T&Cs are subjected to change without prior notice.


(NT/20)+Handling fee + Shipping Fee= Total Payment

Handling Fee

1st-5th item: $2 per item 

6th-10th item: $1.50 per item

11th onward~$1.00 per item

Shipping fee:

Top/necklace/accessories: $1.50

Bottom/ Jacket/shoes: $2.50


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